August 29, 2007

Believe Your Eyes

As we enter our 32nd year of performances (yes, guys…it’s been that long), I’ve been reflecting on what Mirage represents to the dancers in the troupe and the community as a whole. My intention behind this Blog to is to share some of the stories, experiences and insights into Austin’s belly dance community from the “Mother of all venues”, Mirage. You can even expect to hear from some guest "bloggers" amongst the troupe who have great tips, insights and stories to tell as well.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Mirage began in 1975 as a showcase for Shirley Schlarr’s students. At the time, this was the only regular venue and featured dancers on a weekly basis. I would argue that a majority of dancers here in Austin either got their hips wet on the Mirage stage…or at least, their instructors did. Either way, if you want to trace the roots of belly dance in Austin just step into the Texas Union Showroom.

Although dancers have moved in and out of the troupe over the years, one thing has remained. Mirage has been Austin’s Belly Dance Showcase for over three decades. It is open to all styles, all levels and all stages of a dancer’s career and will always represent a nurturing, welcoming and fun environment for dancers to shimmy their stuff.

I'm excited because we’ve got some new things in store this semester, beginning with a new look for our stage, and a new look for our website (coming really soon, I promise). This is all due to some diligent Mirage elves who have been designing, sewing and shopping (and programming) this summer. So, don't miss our first show on September 6, at 7:30 p.m. so you can see our handiwork and then mark your calendar for fabulous shows every other Thursday!

In October, we have a treat planned when Mirage doesn't do Mirage...but let's someone else do it instead (you'll have to stay tuned for more on that) and we're capping off the year with a visit from everyone's favorite Middle Eastern Lounge singer, Mahmoud Velveeta. I promise your holiday memories won't be the same after this show.

Happy Shimmies,

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