July 12, 2009

Counting to six

In an over exuberant moment I decided a few days ago to start on a new costume to wear at a photo shoot scheduled for July 20. It's an impulsive decision, and my right arm is stiff from sewing beads. I feel like this a race to the finish line, and I just hope I make it.

I've written about being in a dance funk, but I haven't written much about the happy things in my life. Among them, a shorter, brighter, sassier hair cut, wonderful dance plans for my students (and myself) this fall, and a professional photoshoot with an amazing artist!

I've wanted photos for quite awhile so when I learned this last week that Pixie was coming to Austin I knew it was time. I've never met her personally but I've seen her dance photos of other dancers and I'm just blown away by her work. She seems to really capture the personality and beauty of each woman. Besides, who wouldn't love someone named Pixie????
Although I have several back up cabaret options, I really wanted something different, something new. I did a little online shopping but didn't really see what I wanted (in a price I was willing to spend right now). Then, I thought about the supplies for a fuchsia costume that have been sitting in my closet for over a year now, and now I'm off on this mad frenzy. For a gal who shunned pink most of her life, I'm feeling quite obsessed about it right now.

I ordered upper arm cuffs and base for the belt from L-Rose on Thursday (because they have matching velvet fabric) and had them do a rush shipment. (Which they did...at no extra cost...yeah!). Friday after the Patsy's show I went bra shopping and found a new base for the bra, tore it apart and reconstructed it in one evening. Saturday I covered the bra in charmeuse satin and velvet ribbon and began beading.

Today (Sunday) I'm still beading, and in fact have spent way too many hours counting out tiny glass seed beads in sets of six just to make the correct edging. If I make it through the next week I'll have a fabulous new costume and no feeling in my right arm. Wish me luck.

P.S. Here's a photo of the bra as of Sunday afternoon, around 4ish. If I can move my arm tomorrow, I'll check back in with everyone.

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