May 13, 2010

Room for Extra Practice

I often get people who ask for additional resources so they can study belly dance at home. I think for some people, this is a great way to review and expand on material used during class. Now I'll the first one to point out that take a class in person is the best way to learn this dance form, but I do agree that a little homework and video watching can really help solidify what you learn in class.

So, I've added a link to some DVDs that you can check out on Amazon on the right hand side of this page (see bottom), so you can see some titles I would recommended for basic belly dance moves. Also, check out these videos on YouTube/Expert Village

Tara Termini has a nice breakdown of basic movements, in an easy to understand format.

Sahira is a dancer out of Houston, and has great basic belly dance clips that also include explanations on how a movement changes from tribal to cabaret styles.

You can also check out a show on FitTV called Shimmy which shows a variety of movement, although the explanations aren't as detailed as I would prefer.

So, enjoy watching and shopping and be careful, there may be a quiz later in class!

Happy shimmies.

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