December 6, 2010

New class format, new website and a New Year!

We may be winding down the end of 2010, but I am gearing up for an exciting and busy 2011. I'm officially changing the format of my classes beginning in January, I promise to have my new website up and running and what better way to kick off your New Year's than with a shimmy?

What's the big news in classes? I will now be offering three different classes, each with a distinct focus as well as opportunities to combine classes. I made this change so that all my students can continue to work on their technique and skills, in addition to other areas of dance. For my beginner students, this change will help them move to the more challenging classes, combinations and choreographies and for those intermediate level students who don't aspire to perform, this will allow them to get a good work out and learn some great new techniques.

Currently all classes will be held at Tarrytown Dance on Sunday nights. Classes will resume on January 9, 2011. Online class registration is available as well as class gift certificates. New students registering in January will receive the "loyal student" class rate, so take advantage of the discount now!

Fundamentals of belly dance (4:00 to 5:00 p.m.)
  • This class is designed for students new to the dance, or those that want to work on fundamental movement and technique. Each month a new topic is introduced, with the idea that a new student to belly dance can gain a strong foundation in the dance over the course of six months. 
  • The topic for January is: Pops, Locks and Shimmies: An introduction to belly dance isolations and movement. The four-week class will cover rib and hip work, lifts, drops and shimmies. Perfect for students new to the dance or beginner students who want to drill these movements and increase their stamina.
  • Class rate is $12 a class. Students who have studied with Najla for at least three consecutive months, pay a "loyal student" rate of $10 a class.
Mixed-level belly dance (5:00 to 6:30 p.m.)
  • This class is designed for students who want to work on their technique and perfect their belly dance skills. With a mix of drills, combination and improvisation, this class is ideal for a dancer who has a strong understanding of fundamental belly dance movement. 
  • Experience with zils and veil is highly recommended.
  • This class may be combined at a discounted rate with either the fundamentals or performance class. The cost for the combined class is $22 a night for either combination (mixed+fundamentals or mixed+performance). Students who have studied with Najla for at least three consecutive months, pay a "loyal student" rate of $18 a night for the combined classes.
  • The topic for January is: Building Strength and Endurance: Work off those holiday calories and start your New Year off right with drills targeted at increasing your strength as a dancer. Class will not only include drills, but also cardio and stamina movements followed by a nice, long stretch at the end. So, how many hip drops can you do in a row? Let’s find out!
  • Class rate is $15 a class. Students who have studied with Najla for at least three consecutive months, pay a "loyal student" rate of $12 a class.
Performance and choreography (6:45 to 8:00 p.m.)
  • This class is designed for students who are interested in solo and group performance opportunities. In this class, Najla will explore more advanced and challenging dance technique, including performances with props, improvisation, designing choreography and deepening your understanding of Middle Eastern music, culture and costuming.
  • Enrollment in this class is subject to the instructor’s approval. Students attending the performance class must be simultaneously registered for the mixed-level technique class. Because the emphasis on this class is performance, students are invited but not required to perform at local dance events. 
  • This class is required for membership in the Baharat Belly Dance Ensemble. Members of the ensemble may be required to purchase troupe costumes for group performances.
  • In January, we’ll be starting a review of the drum solo choreography, as well as beginning new work that includes veil, floor work and sword.

What to Wear:
Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, but try to avoid loose or baggy clothing. Yoga wear or leggings and tank tops work well in class. Bare feet are recommended, but dance slippers, jazz shoes or dance sneakers will also work (no street/athletic shoes please). Hip scarves are available to borrow in class, and information on purchasing scarves is available in class.

Payment and Attendance Policy:
Students may sign up and pay online, or pay at the door via check or cash. New students are required to sign up for a full month of classes, and classes are non-refundable. Current students may pay on a student account to cover classes. Class payments are non-refundable and expire six months after purchase.

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