September 24, 2011

Glitter Gives Back Update

With just a few weeks away from belly dance camp, I'm excited to see that donations for our community service project are rolling in.  For those of you who are curious what we still need, I've included a couple of tables outlining what we have and what we need.  As you can see there are still some spots that we need help with!  Whether or not you are coming to camp with us, please consider helping us meet our goal to deliver care packages for women and children at Hill Country Cares, a a shelter for victims of domestic violence.  Consider this our way of bringing a little sparkle into their lives!

You can use the PayPal link on the right to make a tax-deductible donation to Aria Dance Foundation.  Or, if you live in the Austin area...I'll be happy to pick up any supplies you may be willing to donate!  Cash donations will be used to fill in the gaps in our wish list.  And, I promise a multitude of glittery karma coming to those of you who can help out!

In addition to the basic supplies we are seeking for our bags, we have some generous donations of extra goodies to add to the bags:

Thanks to everyone who is making this a successful project!


  1. I had planned on bringing some items for the bags to camp next week. Should I just bring things that are low on your list, or do you want to let me know what's best to bring? I'm driving, so space and TSA restraints aren't an issue.


  2. Andrea,

    If you want to take a look and see what items we are low on, that would be great. If you know what you're planning on getting, just drop me a note.

    It's wonderful that you can bring things along with you on the drive! I'm looking forward to seeing you at camp, let me know if you have other questions. Thanks,