February 24, 2008

Settling in

So, I had my last class in the studio near my house. It's been quite an experience there and my students have been such troopers! I had been on the fence for so long trying to decide if I wanted to teach beyond UT or not. I think there was a part of me that worried I wouldn't have enough to teach beyond what I've done so far. Since I've been doing the 6 week sessions at UT, I've moved to the point that they are easy to coordinate and pull together. So, the thought of teaching beyond that was a little daunting and a part of me kept thinking I may just be a "six-week wonder", good at short classes but not enough substance for the long haul.

Well tonight I'm feeling quite different, not only do I have a brand new beautiful space to move into but I also found that there are sooooo many things I want to do in class that I can't quite figure out which way to go. (Hopefully the class doesn't mind my short bouts of randomness on some nights). It also helps that the ladies taking the classes realize that belly dance takes more than just a few classes, that it really is a long term process that requires work and dedication. So, instead of trying to keep everyone's interest for six weeks, I feel like I can settle into the idea of drilling deeper on movement and really pushing myself and the students each week.

The coolest thing about teaching an ongoing class? Beyond the opportunity to help teach this wonderful dance form, it will allow me to learn from them as well...which in turn will make me a better dancer. So yeah for new classes and the new studio...and yeah for working hard and sweating (and a small shout out for my sore quads this evening, especially the left one).

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