January 2, 2009

Belly dancing makes everything better

One of my biggest accomplishments this last year was setting up a regular teaching schedule. Although I've been teaching since 2001 through Informal Classes (at the University of Texas), their schedule runs in six-week sessions. It's a great way to introduce a number of people to this dance form, but I've always wanted a place to call my own, a schedule to set on my own, and students to nurture on my own time. Despite a rocky beginning, I'm now looking forward to four classes a week...including my regular informal ones. I'm excited, but at times a little overwhelmed by the amount of work and effort it takes to really work with so many students, at different levels and varying skills.

My original plans was to take some time to regroup over the holidays, work on some new lesson plans, re-design my warm up and drills for the intermediate students and get a lot of marketing out of the way. All that, along with cleaning my house and some R&R before January hits.

However, I received this email today from one of my most dedicated students, who wasn't able to come in December due to a major car accident and subsequent injury. I knew she would be ready again this month to start dancing...but it seems like she needs this more than I need a rest. I'm not sure I can justify waiting another week, especially since I just convinced my martial arts teacher to meet me Saturday morning for some extra practicing in the park, despite his original plan to take another week off! I'm sure it's all a part of some compulsive, obsessive behavior on all our parts...or maybe just plain old fashioned passion.
"When do classes start up again? I've had a horrible holiday and I need to get some belly dancing in to fix everything. Belly dancing makes everything better!"

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