March 12, 2009

I'll blame it on the weather

After our brief foray in spring and summer temperatures (we're talking 80's here), we're now back to the dreary cold (okay 40's and 50's) and rain. I'm not too excited about the gray skies, but since central Texas is in a drought, I'll take the rain. However, for reasons we could not predict, we're down to half of the troupe for our show tonight. That's right...out of eight dancers we have four that will dance tonight. Thankfully we've got four guests scheduled as well so I'm not scrambling this afternoon trying to find people to dance on short notice. The irony of it all is I thought about not going to the show.

I've been in a little bit of a dance funk lately, and I've been busy and preoccupied with many other things. I rarely miss shows, and the last time I chose not to dance but just come watch I was regretting the decision immediately and dancing in my chair. This week, I couldn't come up with any good reason to sit out the performance so I figured that some time between leaving the house and 7:30 p.m. I would start feeling inspired. And as much as I love dancing, some times it's a bit of drudgery.

However, it probably has less to do with the idea of dancing and is more related to the obligation of being somewhere at a set time. The good news is that with fewer dancers tonight I can do a little longer song. So right now, I'm going a little moody with one of my favorite numbers Bitswanna Beek. It's that odd length, too long for six-minute sets we usually try to stick to, and too short for longer performances in other venues that require 8-10 minutes. And even though I just groused a little about going somewhere to dance, I know I'll really enjoy the show because this music makes me feel a little languid, a little loungy, and more than just a little sultry ;-)

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