March 31, 2009

Will shimmy for shoes

Tonight in class I had the opportunity to turn back time, and revel in the joy and enthusiasm of being a freshman in college. One of my students brought two friends along...and after I learned they didn't have a ride home (they were going to wait for a cab), I offered them a lift back to campus. Of course, I had to force one of them to sit up front so I didn't feel like their mom, and they were very quiet and well behaved on the way home...but nonetheless I felt that glimmer of giddiness and joy that we all had when we first left home and headed out into the world.

We talked about how hard some of their classes were (okay they talked, I listened) and I became excited to find out they had been taking Italian. Seriously, I dream of going to Italy just to be romanced by hot Italian men who chase me around shouting 'bella, bella'. And amongst, the chasing I get to eat loads of fabulous pasta, drink hedonistic amounts of wine and then shop for shoes.

When I told them how I dream of those shoes but probably couldn't afford all the ones I wanted, the three girls suggested I could belly dance on a street corner to earn extra money. Literally, shimmy for my shoes. One of them even suggested I could use a extra bra as a place for tips. So, now I'm even more distracted as I think of how my 'cups could runneth over' and in exchange score me some hot Italian heels. It's such a lovely thought, wrong in so many ways, but still just as lovely :-)

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  1. Let me know if this works. Momma needs a new pair of shoes! LOL